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  • Asst. Prof. Dr.  Faezeh YEGANLİ
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Bülent BİLİR
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet TÜRKAN



There are 3 forms that you must use:

  • Internship Acceptance Form (Staj Kabul Formu)
  • Intern Evaluation Form (Stajyer Değerlendirme Formu)
  • Internship Place Evaluation Form (Staj Yeri Değerlendirme Formu)

If the company requests, the student also needs to fill:

  • Compulsory Internship Application Form (Zorunlu Staj Başvuru Formu)

Please always check for the latest forms

The internship guide is located at


Internship Acceptance Form

Intern Evaluation Form

Internship Place Evaluation Form

Compulsory Internship Application Form

Internship Guide

Application Steps

Questions to be answered

Internship Duration and Terms

Internship Report Template (Cover Page)

Internship Regulation



Please first read the following document:


  • The student finds a company that satisfies the requirements for internship.
  • If the company asks for it, the student fills Compulsory Internship Application Form (Zorunlu Staj Başvuru Formu)
  • The student fills Internship Acceptance Form (Staj Kabul Formu) and discusses the dates and company suitability with the committee.
  • If the committee approves the dates and the company, the student sends the form to the company for signature.
  • The internship acceptance form is sent to the committee for approval via e-mail. You must do it in a timely manner.
  • After the Internship Acceptance form is approved by the committee the student submits the Internship Acceptance Form, General Health Insurance Declaration (Sigorta Beyan) Form, Photocopy of the ID Card (Kimlik Örneği) and Passport-size Photo to Career Guidance Centre 15 days prior to the start day of your internship.
  • The Career Guidance Centre completes the insurance paperwork and the student start the internship.

After Completion:

  • The student writes an Internship Report. See Section INTERNSHIP REPORT.
  • The student fills the Internship Place Evaluation Form (Staj Yeri Değerlendirme Formu)
  • The company sends Intern Evaluation Form (Stajyer Değerlendirme Formu) either in a sealed envelope or e-mails it directly to the committee.  See Section INTERN EVALUATION FORM.


Upon completion of the internship the student must submit an internship report within a week (7 days) of the completion of the internship (Discuss this date with the committee if you need an extension). The questions that must be answered in the report is given in

  1. Internship Report is prepared in English in accordance with the content and writing rules specified in item III of Internship Booklet
  2. A summary in Turkish will be submitted to the institution if demanded.
  3. The report is examined by the company and each page of the report should be signed and stamped (kaşe) by the authorities of the institution. The person signing must be the engineer who supervised or mentored you during the internship.
  4. Must be written in digital format and printed on a white sheet in A4 size.
  5. MS-WORD standard word template, Times New Roman font
  6. 12 font size and 1½ line spacing must be used.
  7. All pages of the Internship Report except for the cover page must be page numbered.
  8. Use “Izmir University of Economics Internship Report Cover Page” which is given in Internship Report Template
  9. Answer all the general questions under “Questions to be answered” given in
  10. The students must give importance to the language used in the Internship Report; titles, sections, subsections, margins must be standard and in integrity, and the students must pay attention to spelling and punctuation.
  11. Figures must be numbered and have captions.
  12. If you are copying material from other sources say that it is somebody else’s writing.  That is, you must give a reference list at the end and cite them in your report.

Answer to your question 5 must be very detailed.

“QUESTION 5- Please list the duties you performed throughout your internship and explain what you did about these duties. Please attach the visual documents if any to the Internship Report.”

Support your answer with figures, tables and code excerpts (do not give pages and pages of code) to the extent the company gives permission.




Internship Evaluation Form, bearing the institution’s stamp (kaşe) and signature, needs to be submitted in a closed envelop at the end of the internship (Documents not enveloped and signed will not be accepted). The form must be signed by the engineer who supervised or mentored you during the internship. The company then sends the signed Intern Evaluation Form (Stajyer Değerlendirme Formu) either in a sealed envelope or e-mails (after scanning the form) directly to the committee.


The student fills and signs the Internship Place Evaluation Form (Staj Yeri Değerlendirme Formu) and e-mails the signed document. Please answer the questions fully and candidly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the internship and when is it done?

  • 40 business days (20+20) for students enrolled in 2012 and before.
  • 20 business days for students enrolled in 2013 and after
    • At the end of the junior year (Uninterrupted)

The internships done before your junior year is completed will be counted as voluntary.

How about official holidays?

Holidays are not counted towards your 20 days of internship.

Which company is suitable for an internship?

General criteria for Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Companies operating in Electrical Energy, Electronic Devices, Communications, Networks, Control Systems, Medical Electronic, etc sectors are eligible institutions for internship.

  • The company must employ at least 4 employees. (Companies with 1 or 2 employees are not accepted)
  • The company must employ at least one Electrical and/or Electronics Engineer who can supervise you.
  • If you are not sure about your potential internship place, discuss it with the internship committee before you visit the site.


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